Monday, October 8, 2007

Using The Days Rest Concept In Sports Handicapping

Days rest for a team refers to the number of days between games. This is a huge element that must be considered for any sports.

In football, teams off of a bye are much more rested, prepared, and motivated and win at a larger percentage.

In the NBA teams with little to zero days of rest are tired and lethargic and have trouble keeping pace. They may be able to play well in the first half but lose their thunder by the second half.

This concept is not fully understood by most people as it relates to baseball because there is reason to believe under certain circumstances days rest for a baseball team can be lethal if they are on a winning streak and great if they are on a losing streak. Baseball is all about momentum so teams want to get back out on the field the very next day if they have been winning. Another thing to note is that the baseball players are not active all 3 hours of the day so they are able to come out and play at full 100% strength the next day.

In summary, successful sports handicapping consists of looking into how many days of rest the teams have had before laying any action on them.

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