Tuesday, October 9, 2007

2007 Betting Baseball World Series

Every year many people successfully bet on the outcome of the World Series and as 2007 betting baseball World Series time approaches the good sports bettors will be gathering all of the information they need to place winning bets again. Many of them will get help from the experts at a top rated internet sportsbook when they start preparing for 2007 betting baseball World Series time. These expert handicappers are some of the best in the business and they have watched the World Series teams throughout the entire season and can accurately predict how they’ll match up against each other.

You can register at a good sportsbook today and get this same help to assist you in making betting decisions during 2007 betting baseball World Series time. There is no charge to register and you can open a secure account where you can make your deposits quickly and conveniently in a number of different ways. Then you can place your bets online without ever leaving your home or office. For 2007 betting baseball World Series time you’ll get the inside information on any injuries that might affect a player’s performance in the series and you’ll get an analysis of how the two teams match up defensively. You’ll also know which hitters and pitchers are hot and which may be in a bit of a slump.

This all ads up to helping you place your winning bets during 2007 betting baseball World Series time. For convenience, security, and the best tips, there is no better place to go.

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Monday, October 8, 2007

Baseball Betting Systems

Baseball Betting System #1

Very simple system over the past 7 years going for a home team in a non-divisional game in either the third or fourth game of a series in which they scored double digit runs in their previous two games. This system has gone 19-3 +16 units during that span.

Baseball Betting System #2

Home Favorites havier than -150 against non-divisional foe before game #100 with a 55% or better record in game 2 or later of a series coming off a game in which they gave up double digit points and lost but scored at least 4 themselves.

This is 24-4 over the past 7 years, 7-0 L2 years and wins on average by 3 runs per game.

Baseball Betting System #3

Momentum is key late in the MLB season. Since the season is long, motivated teams at the end of the year will beat unmotivated teams. Over the last 30 games of the season, blindly betting on teams with 6+ wins L10 going against teams with less than 5 wins L10 is 783-483 +99 units with only 1 losing season.

So as you pick games late in the year, pay attention to how your team has been playing and if they have been struggling, try laying off them.

Betting Systems in Baseball can provide huge profits during the baseball season because there are just too many games for the oddsmakers to put out strong decent lines. Advantage: Bettor.

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Using The Days Rest Concept In Sports Handicapping

Days rest for a team refers to the number of days between games. This is a huge element that must be considered for any sports.

In football, teams off of a bye are much more rested, prepared, and motivated and win at a larger percentage.

In the NBA teams with little to zero days of rest are tired and lethargic and have trouble keeping pace. They may be able to play well in the first half but lose their thunder by the second half.

This concept is not fully understood by most people as it relates to baseball because there is reason to believe under certain circumstances days rest for a baseball team can be lethal if they are on a winning streak and great if they are on a losing streak. Baseball is all about momentum so teams want to get back out on the field the very next day if they have been winning. Another thing to note is that the baseball players are not active all 3 hours of the day so they are able to come out and play at full 100% strength the next day.

In summary, successful sports handicapping consists of looking into how many days of rest the teams have had before laying any action on them.

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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Jacked Up Baseball Equipment Truths!

Baseball: the great all-American pastime. Few of us can remember a summer from our childhood that did not include throwing a ball around or running the diamond. Today, baseball is all of that and much more. Baseball equipment has become as advanced as the space station…well, maybe not that advanced, but it is certainly more complicated than when we were kids! The point is baseball is not just a game anymore.

A few years ago, you grabbed your wooden bat and baseball and headed to the park for a game. However, the days of wooden bats are over (at least in the unprofessional realm of the sport). Today, everything is alloy and not just aluminum either. Boasting magnesium, scandium, and even titanium, the bats of today are far more advanced than their predecessors – but the advancement in technology does not stop there. Many new bats on the market offer graphite cores and even two-piece bats to eliminate vibration.

When it comes to advancements in baseball equipment technology, gloves were not left out. Once simply made of leather, the old fashioned kind made from cows, many gloves on the market are now available in buffalo, kangaroo, and pigskin, not to mention the numerous grades of cow and steer hide offered. The major differences in each type of hide is the softness and durability of the material, which determines the amount of time necessary to break it in and, of course, how long the glove lasts.

To the best of my knowledge, luckily, baseballs have not changed much over the years. Unless there is a square ball out there I am unaware of, the balls of the past are still used to play the game today.

With all of the advances in baseball equipment, is it any wonder records are constantly being broken? If the tools really do make the man, baseball equipment should be producing superstars, as that is the technology form which they come.

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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Baseball Betting Lines

On its face sports’ gambling can look easy, but in fact betting on sports like baseball requires some serious thought. You can probably look in your local newspaper to get baseball betting lines, but what do you really know about the odds makers that came up with them. How do you make an informed decision about baseball betting lines if you don’t know the underlying facts that were used to create them?

The solution is to consult a good expert that provides the additional information you want to be able to place one or more bets that you’re comfortable with. For example, suppose you find out that the Yankees are favored to win their next game with the Red Socks, but you want to place a bet on the outcome of the whole series. You’ll want to know what are the hot betting trends on these games and the baseball betting lines on each game.

Are there any injuries to key players that might affect the outcome? What about the pitching, do the Yankees have a strong pitcher to start the series, but are one or more relief pitchers having a bad streak? And, what about the hitting? There are many factors to consider and a good expert will provide the information for you and help you to make a decision on baseball betting lines that will increase your odds of winning your bets. Betting on sports is fun and baseball betting lines can be a great help, but the informed bettor finds its even more fun to consistently place the right bet.

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Wood Baseball Bats Versus Aluminum Baseball Bats

Whether you are part of the Little Leaguers, Senior Leaguers, college student’s league or professionals, when it comes to baseball, the big questions that pops up is what kind of baseball bat you will use. And, if you really are a baseball player, you definitely know that the discussion is between aluminum bats and wood baseball bats.

One important piece of information you should know is that, in softball, little and senior league and college baseball, most of the bats are made up of aluminum. And yet, when it comes to professional baseball, players say that wood baseball bats are a must. You are now probably wondering what you should choose between these two baseball bat types. And that is why we are here, to discuss the pros and the cons of each type.

Nowadays, baseball bats can be purchased for as low as $25, but you can also buy more expensive $500 bats. A professional player will not choose a bat according to its price, and it all boils down to how he “feels” it. In the professional league, only wood bats are used, and Major League Baseball does not even allow corked bats. Most of the bats are made of ash, but maple, bamboo and hickory are also choices for baseball bats. Lately, more and more players gave up to hickory bats, as they are much heavier than the rest of the woods. Many are now opting for maple bats. Maple baseball bats are increasingly more popular because of its hardness and durability.

Some players also say that they prefer wood baseball bats because of the traditional look and feel. The sound made when the bat hits the ball is vastly different. They say a “crack” sounds way better than the “ping” sound of an aluminum bats hitting the ball.

But aluminum baseball bats are very popular too. They are often seen in all the different baseball leagues, except the professional ones. Why is this? Well, simply because a ball hit with an aluminum bat gets more speed. But this is a positive thing you might say. In fact things are not exactly like that. Due to the fact that they are lighter, a greater distance of the ball can now be achieved with less batter strength. And due to that, several players were injured. Due to the fierceness of the rebound of the aluminum bat, the reaction time of the pitchers is smaller. To prove this, in 1970, when aluminum baseball bats were firstly introduced, the batting average rose 30 points, and home run hits doubled. The game is simply not the same with lighter bats made from aluminum or other materials.

Overall though, buying a baseball bat is a personal decision. You'll definitely want to go with a baseball bat manufacturer that offers lots of customization so you can build the baseball bat most suitable to your size, weight, height and strength. Many also prefer to choose their colors and add a signature but few bat manufacturers allow such customization and personalization due to manufacturing cost factors. So if you are not a professional baseball player, you simply choose the baseball bat that suits you best.

By Michael Shapiro for Baseball-Bats-HQ.com Why settle for a regular bat when you can personalize and customize your own baseball bat? Choose from a wide array of maple bats, ash bats, softball bats, and fungo bats. They also offer batting cages and performance apparel for baseball enthusiasts.

The Making of Baseball Bats - Past and Present

Did you know that it takes 42,000 pounds of pressure to emblazon an engraving onto the side of a baseball bat? We players take that for granted as we grab our trusted slugger and head to the plate. Who ever would have thought that the smash hit you're aiming for has already undergone that kind of pressure?

It's actually fascinating, the process and the concept. These days though, that process of customizing a baseball bat is almost passe. Most baseball bat makers today are leaping into the future of technology by using the ever so prevalently relied upon laser method for engraving their logos and signatures onto their bat products.

The old fashioned way entails Brand or Foil stamping, which may be inducing an undue amount of pressure on the wood fibers that are the ultimate composition of the carved baseball bat. The potential for that pressure against the wood to cause internal fissures and damage that would be impossible to expose or be aware of is no longer necessary to do.

This would be allowing for the baseball bat to be experienced full force as a hitting device, with no prior events to test its density and effect the solidity of its mass. Looking for the laser emblazoned baseball bats may prove to be a jump on having a more reliable and durable slugger.

Who wants to have all points in line, a sure swing ready for a home run, and just as ball meets bat, the splinter in the wood that you had no way of knowing was splitting with every hit, suddenly cracks? Don’t risk losing your favorite, home run bat.

Mike Long is the successful web publisher of Baseball-SuperGuide.com providing valuable tips, advice, and info about a multitude of relevant topics including baseball bats.